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Wind Chill

In the wind it can feel a lot colder than out of the wind. This phenomenon is also known as 'wind chill'

The word windchill is derived from the English word to chill. The meaning of this is cool down.
Windchill therefore means 'cooling off by the wind'. The wind chill applies when the temperature
drops below 10 degrees, and when the wind is at least 1.6 meters per second (5-6 km/h), that is when
you feel the wind lightly blowing in your face, leaves rustle. On the basis of this you could therefore
say that windchill usually occurs in the fall and winter season.

We express heat loss in an emotional value of the temperature: the perceived temperature.
The difference between the measured air temperature and the perceived temperature is a measure
of extra heat loss.

The combined effect of low temperature and wind. The wind draws heat from your body. A wind speed
of 30 kilometers per hour at 10° C is equal to the heat loss at 0° C in still air. The wind chill
factor indicates this combined effect of the temperature and the wind, or the perceived temperature.


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